Portable Ring Perch ~ For Small Raptors

Portable Ring Perch ~ For Small Raptors

A miniature swiveling version of our full-size portable ring perch. Great for American Kestrels, Merlins, Sharpshinned-Hawks etc. The ring measures 10 inches in diameter and is made of rolled 3/8 diameter steel rod that swivels atop a 10 inch x 3/8 inch thick steel plate. The entire perch is powder-coated with black paint for years of rust-free maintenance. The perch area is wrapped tightly with quality small climbing rope. To prevent small raptors from going through the center of the ring and becoming tangled, we haveĀ attached a dark brown piece of circular leather with snaps that can be removed for cleaning.

SKU: PB025

Price: $246.95

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